In law enforcement, we take care of our own. That’s exactly why PPOA members established the Star & Shield Foundation (originally named the Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation) in 2001. Since then, the Foundation has proudly raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support worthy organizations and causes. The most important of our missions is providing assistance to the families of fallen officers.

Try, for a moment, to imagine the challenges (emotional, financial and otherwise) facing family members of a peace officer suddenly killed in the line of duty. In addition to delivering immediate funds to the survivors, the Star & Shield Foundation helps navigate the pressing schedule of state-sponsored ceremonies honoring fallen officers. For years, the PPOA president has served as an escort for family members attending annual memorial ceremonies in Sacramento. Sometimes that means paying for airline tickets. It may also mean literally walking arm in arm with a grieving widow down the steps of the State Capitol building. Our Foundation will do as much as we can to offer support and friendship to those in need.
Star & Shield Foundation Board Members  
» Brian Moriguchi (Sheriff’s Department) 
» Jim Schallert (Sheriff’s Department) 
» Jim Blankenship (Sheriff’s Department) 
» Rogelio Maldonado (District Attorney’s Office) 
» Kevin Thompson (PPOA) 
Board of Governors 
» Jackie Lacey (District Attorney), Co-Chair 
» Jim McDonnell (Sheriff), Co-Chair 
» Paul Roller (PPOA) 
» Gold Lee (Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee) 
» Julie Sherman (Straussner Sherman)  
» Aaron Straussner (Straussner Sherman) 
» Richard Cohn (Landsberg Orora North America)  
» Mark Deitch (911MEDIA) 
» Cary Fletcher (RaSport Inc.)  
» Burton Brink (Sheriff’s Department) 
» Suzy Campeau (Lavi Spine and Ortho)
Also, please add this 2015 list to the “Recipients” page:
Partial list of recipients supported by PPOA and the Star & Shield Foundation in 2015: 
» AOCDS Memorial Fund 
» California Community Foundation 
» CFMB Unit Fund 
» CRDF Unit Fund 
» Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Support Group 
» Crime Survivors 
» Deputy Hoschet Donation 
» Devil Pups Inc. 
» Fallen Officer Michael Johnson Donation c/o SJPOA 
» Friends of Lakewood Station Fund 
» Fueled by the Fallen 
» Jerry Ortiz Memorial Boxing and Youth Fitness Gym 
» L.A. District Attorneys Investigators Association 
» L.A. National Cemetery Support Foundation 
» LASD Ladies Night 
» LASD McArthur Reunion 
» LASD Parks Bureau Fund 
» Lomita Station Employee Fund 
» March of Dimes 
» MCJ Unit Fund 
» Palmdale Sheriff’s Boosters 
» Police Unity Tour Memorial Ride 
» San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team 
» San Dimas Sheriff’s Boosters 
» SAPOA Widows and Orphans Fund 
» Sheriff’s Youth Foundation 
» Survivors’ Memorial Fund 
» United Peace Officers Against Crime 
» With Hope Foundation 
» Wives of Law Enforcement and Firefighters